Congratulations to our New Board

Our 2020-2021 board members are:

President: Frances Crawford
Vice President: Anna Sicari
IWCA Rep: Jennifer Marciniak
Treasurer: Ryan Sheets
Asst. Treasurer: Allison Holland
Secretary: Laura Tunningley
Arkansas Rep: Carrie Smitherman Clark
Louisiana Rep: Jim McDonald
Oklahoma Rep: Ashlee Pilcher
Texas Reps: Mark Sursavage and Felicia Juliano
At-Large Rep: Maurice Wilson
Thank you for electing yet another strong team to run our organization!

SCWCA Conference 2020 Update

This year’s conference, Mindfulness of Difference and the Need for Transformative Listening in Writing Center Work, was cancelled because of COVID 19. This was not a decision the board made lightly. We know the incredible amount of work that goes into preparing a conference, but we all agreed cancelling was the responsible choice.

Many thanks to Anna Sicari and her team at OSU for their tireless efforts to plan the event for us. Anna is working with the SCWCA Board to find other ways presenters can share their work. Check out the blog on the conference website for updates.

Praxis CFP

Praxis: A Writing Center Journal welcomes submissions about writing center theory, practice, and administration. Please consider submitting.

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