Seeking nominations for Arkansas State Representative position on the Board.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone in Arkansas become more involved with our organization while representing the interests of the state. As indicated in the SCWCA bylaws, duties for the position include the following:

  1. Representing the interests of writing centers in their respective state at Executive Board and General Business meetings of the Association.
  2.  Serving on the Conference Scholarship selection committee.
  3. Providing, when requested, information to schools in their respective state that are developing writing centers and to writing center administrators seeking assistance in developing a center or improving an existing one.
  4. Updating, as needed, the information about the duties of the office on the SCWCA web site by providing the web site coordinator with additions or changes.
  5. Training the incoming Representative in order to provide continuity in the duties of the office.

The term will last through the annual SCWCA conference in spring 2017. Nominations are due September 15, 2016 by 5pm CST. Self-nominations are encouraged. Nominees should provide a brief (no more than 100 words) statement of interest and qualification to serve. The Board will appoint an individual to the position from among the nominations it receives.

Questions and nominations should be directed to Alanna Bitzel at

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