Call for Proposals: SCWCA 2022 (in Baton Rouge, LA)

This year’s theme, “Communicators Making Place,” asks: How do writing and communication centers and programs help communicators make their place in and beyond academia? How can we support communicators both in understanding and uncovering the histories and conventions of their disciplines, industries, and fields, but also in embracing their role as agents shaping their futures?

Keynote Speaker: Jo Hsu, assistant professor in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing, core faculty in Asian American Studies, and faculty affiliate of LGBTQ Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Their research uses narrative to bridge gender studies, disability studies, and critical race studies, examining how expectations around racialized, gendered bodily norms affect the life chances and opportunities of those excluded by normative social scripts. The questions driving their work are: What can the field(s) of rhetoric do to foster connection and care across difference? And, what stories must we tell to dismantle and remake worlds conducive to one another’s thriving?

Talk Title: Storying (Un)Commonplaces: Writing toward Places Not-Yet-Here

Proposals: Submit your original research, case studies, works-in-progress, and tough questions for which you want to hold space. We encourage proposals from students; tutors; first-time presenters; part-time faculty and staff; community-based educators, and educators from early childhood education through adult education, advanced degrees, and certificate programs. In short, if you know someone doing incredible work in communication skills development, pass this along!

Proposals are due November 23, and folks will be notified about acceptance by December 3. 

  • Conference dates: February 4-6, 2022
  • Conference Site: Louisiana State University Baton Rouge Campus
  • Questions? Reach out to Annemarie Galeucia: