conference-logo2018 SCWCA Conference: Mindfulness at the Center

February 22 – 24, 2018

Hosted by: The University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas

The theme this year is Mindfulness at the Center. Please visit the conference website for information about registration and the conference program. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Past Conferences

Hosted by The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The theme for the conference was “Writing (Centers/Centered) Institutional Identifications.”

Hosted by the University of Louisiana – Lafayette. The theme for the conference was “Weaving Words, Knowledge, and Action: Research in and on Writing Centers.”

Hosted by The University of Texas at Austin. The theme was “What Starts Here Writes the World.”

Hosted by Oklahoma State University at Stillwater. The theme for the 2014 conference was “Participate!”

Hosted by the Center for Academic Student Achievement’s Writing Center at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christiand the Stone Writing Center at Del Mar College. The theme was “Building Bridges: Writing Centers as bridges between cultures, contact zones, and communities.”

Hosted by Henderson State University and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The theme was “From Rubble to Diamonds.”

Hosted by The University of Clear Lake Houston. The theme was “Connect and Reflect.”

Hosted by McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The theme was “Writing as Labyrinth: All Paths Lead to the Center.”

Hosted by Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and Abilene Christian University.  The theme was  “Inhabiting Pleasure in Writing Center Practice and Theory.”

Hosted by the University of Oklahoma. The  theme was  “Writing Out Loud .”

The South Central Writing Centers Association hosted the International Writing Centers Association’s 2007 conference at the University of Houston – Downtown. The conference theme was “A Space for Writing: Writing Centers and Place.”

Hosted by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock on February 23-25, 2006. The conference theme was “Looking Back, Looking Forward: Writing Centers as the Center of WAC.”

Hosted by Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on March 3-5, 2005. The conference theme was “Writing Centers and Time.”