Call for proposals

The South Central Writing Centers Association invites proposals for the 2016 annual conference in Lafayette, Louisiana March 10-12, hosted by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. This year’s theme, “Weaving Words, Knowledge, and Action: Research in and on Writing Centers,” speaks to the ways that writing centers help student researchers succeed in the recursive tasks of inquiry by helping them combine words, knowledge, and action into a complex but coherent whole.

Proposals can be submitted for individual or group presentations . We welcome presentations in the traditional read-aloud format (about 20 minutes for an individual presentations), but we encourage proposals that call for interaction with the audience. Sessions that integrate discussions, information sharing, performances, round table discussions, workshops, and poster presentations are especially welcome.

Deadline: December 1, 2015

For your submissions, complete the online application by December 1, 2015. Acceptance notifications will be sent via email by December 15th.

Suggested Topic Areas

Joyce Kinkead of Utah State University, one-time co-editor of The Writing Center Journal, co-editor of the book Writing Centers in Context, and one of the nation’s leading authorities on undergraduate research, will be giving the keynote address on undergraduate research and writing center tutorials.  We encourage proposals that make use of the conference theme, although we will welcome proposals on any subject dealing with writing center work. Possible topic areas include:

  • Research about your writing center and clients
  • Working with students writing research papers
  • Working with students on research projects across the curriculum
  • Working with graduate students on theses and dissertations
  • Dealing with the plagiarism problem
  • Conducting student or faculty workshops on research writing
  • Using OWLs to help students in research writing
  • Developing materials on research writing
  • Working with faculty on student research writing
  • Working with the library on student research
  • Using research in tutor training
  • Using research to assess, improve, and promote the writing center
  • Writing center research and tenure and promotion
  • Analyses of published research on writing centers
  • Methodological concerns in writing center research
  • The future of writing center research

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