SCWCA Research Award for 2016*

The South Central Writing Centers Association (SCWCA) is pleased to offer one-time research awards to support original scholarship from writing center practitioners in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. This award supports quantitative, qualitative, theoretical, and applied research in and on writing centers. While travel funding is not the primary purpose of this award, it can be used to support travel as part of specific research activities (e.g. traveling to specific sites, libraries or archives to conduct research). This fund is not intended to support conference travel only; instead the travel must be part of a larger research program stipulated in the grant request. Additionally, this award can be used to support thesis and dissertation research at the undergraduate and graduate level.

In 2016, SCWCA is awarding $2000.00 in the form of four (4) $500 research awards.

To apply, please submit the following:

  1. Cover letter addressed to current SCWCA President, which should do the following:
    • Request SCWCA’s consideration of the application;
    • Introduce the applicant and the project; and
    • Specify how award monies will be used (materials, in-process research travel, photocopying, postage, etc.).
  2. Project Summary: 1-3 page summary of the proposed project, its research questions and goals, a brief literature review, a discussion of methods, research schedule, current status of the project, etc.
  3. Curriculum Vitae of researcher.

Researchers who receive awards are expected to do the following:

  • Submit a progress update memo to the Research Awards Committee no later than six months after receipt of award monies;
  • Submit a progress report no later than twelve months after receipt of award monies (guidelines for memo and report will be forwarded to award recipients);
  • Strongly consider submitting a presentation proposal based on the supported research to the SCWCA Annual Conference or any IWCA affiliated conferences;
  • Strongly consider submitting a manuscript based on the supported research to the SCWCA Newsletter or any IWCA affiliated publications;
  • Acknowledge SCWCA support in any presentation or publication of the resulting research findings; and
  • Forward to SCWCA copies of resulting publications or presentations.

Proposal deadline is January 30, 2016. After the deadline, the SCWCA President will forward copies of completed application packets to the SCWCA Research Awards Committee for consideration, discussion, and vote. Monies will be awarded during the SCWCA annual conference.

*Language for this call adapted from IWCA Research Grant Committee.