Collaborators’ Corner

In “Collaboration and Concepts of Authorship,” coauthors Ede and Andrea Lunsford argue that we “must make space for—and even encourage—collaborative projects in the humanities” (364). They promote this work while acknowledging the difficulties inherent in such participatory scholarship, asking whether we are willing to create the material conditions necessary to do the work, as well as to redefine the roles we play as researchers and contributors to the academic enterprise. We invite conference participants to take on the challenge of collaborating with each other across space and time by posting ideas and calls for participation on the conference blog. If we start early enough, we can design research projects that will span the 2010-2011 academic year.

To find a presentation partner, or just to share your ideas, please visit the conference blog at


Another way we will stay connected during the conference is through Twitter. Check back later for instructions on how to tweet SCWCA style.


Susie QueueIf you’d like to brainstorm your ideas with Susie Queue, our virtual tutor, click here.