SCWCA Conference Scholarship Policy

Scholarship Committee Membership

The five state representatives will comprise the scholarship committee, with a chair elected by the representatives each year at the annual business meeting. For the purpose of making awards, additional scholarship committee members may be chosen by the chair from SCWCA members who volunteer to serve as reader.

Fund Availability

The Scholarship Committee will confer with the SCWCA board to determine the availability of funds before announcing scholarships for a given conference. The total amount set aside for scholarships will not exceed $2000.00 for a given year, unless specifically approved by the board.

Funds Awarded

For each annual conference for which sufficient funds are available, awards will include registration waivers plus two nights’ hotel stay for four directors and four tutors. The awards will be based on the following criteria:

  • One director will be chosen from each of the four states that make up the region;
  • One tutor will be chosen from each of the four states that make up the region;
  • Recipients will not have funding from their institutions.

If additional information is required to make a determination, the following criteria will be considered:

  • Recipients must be presenting at the conference;
  • Recipients will be first-time conference attendees;
  • Quality of the conference abstract;
  • Distance traveled.

If we do not receive applications from directors and tutors from each state, awards may be given to additional applicants from other states.

Reduction in Funds

For conferences located in cities in which hotel costs exceed $100.00 per night, the hotel award may be reduced to one night’s stay. For years in which funds are very limited, the awards may be reduced to registration waivers only, or waivers plus one hotel award each for a director and a tutor.

Funding Method

Hotel awards will be paid directly to the hotel. The committee will maintain an alternate list so that unused awards can be shifted if initial awardees cannot attend the conference or if they choose to share rooms.