Outstanding Tutor Award

At its 2010 meeting in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the SCWCA membership approved a new Outstanding Tutor of the Year Award. The recipients are honored at the annual conference and receive a plaque and cash award.

More information regarding nominations for this year’s award are coming soon. Guidelines for nomination packets can be found below.

The Outstanding Tutor of the Year Award is designed to give recognition to tutors who provide extraordinary service to the students, the center, and the campus community. The award is provided to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff whose primary responsibility is to tutor in a writing center. The outstanding tutor award recognizes innovative tutoring techniques, the quality of work with writers, articulation of tutoring philosophy, and contributions to the writing center beyond tutoring.

Guidelines for nomination

Each director may nominate one tutor from his or her center for the award. Award recipients are ineligible for re-nomination.

Nominators must include the following three documents:

  1. Cover letter on institutional letterhead (electronic letterhead) for identification purposes. This cover letter will be separated from the other two documents to ensure blind review. The letter must contain the following information:
  • The nominee’s name
  • The nominee’s classifications (undergraduate, graduate, staff, faculty)
  • The nominee’s contact information (email, phone number, address)
  • The nominator’s (director’s) information (email, phone number, address)
  1. A personal statement by the tutor, not to exceed 500 words. The statement should describe the tutor’s philosophy of tutoring/consulting exemplified through narratives of one or two tutoring/consulting sessions. The statement must not identify the institution or the tutor by full name.
  2. A recommendation from the director written on plain paper that does not identity the institution. The director should refer to the tutor only by first name. The recommendation should speak to the way the tutor fulfills the qualities the award recognizes.

Award Committee

The committee to select the outstanding tutor will be chaired by the SCWCA Vice President. The President, in consultation with the Vice President, will appoint four members, one from each state, to serve on the committee. Committee members will not be able to nominate a tutor.

Fund Availability

The Awards Committee will confer with the SCWCA board to determine the availability of funds before awarding a specific amount, not to exceed $200. The winner will receive a plaque and cash award at the SCWCA conference. Each nominee will receive a certificate acknowledging the nomination.

Past Award Winners

2021: Stormi Verret, LSU College of Human Sciences and Education

2020: Hannah Sterenberg, Abilene Christian University

2019: Luís Marín, University of Arkansas in Fayetteville

2018: Valerie Garza, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

2017: Adrian Russell, University of Houston Clear Lake

2016: David Devine, University of Texas at Austin

2015: Max Wild-Oleson, Baton Rouge Community College

2013: Michelle Elliot, Texas State University

2012: Suzanne Shedd, Abilene Christian University

2011: Britney Grey Meconi, University of Houston Clear Lake

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