SCWCA General Business Meeting 2/23/19

SCWCA Annual Business Meeting

SCWCA conference, Belton, TX. February 23, 2019

8:23 AM meeting called to order by Alice Batt

Attendees: Alice Batt (president), Randall Monty (vice president),  Frances Crawford (IWCA representative), Jessi Schnebelen (secretary), Anna Sicari (representative at-large), Carey Clark (Arkansas representative), Sarah Riddick (Texas representative), Wes Wellborn (Texas representative), Carolyn Kinslow (Oklahoma representative), Cheyenne Smith (OSU), Chris Jones (OSU), Dalton Cook (UCA), Eric Camarillo (UH Victoria), Fehinola Folarin (OSU), Hillary Coenen (OSU), Jake Gebhardt (SHSU), Katherine Bray (UCA), Kyu Jeoung Lee (OSU), Lisa Wright (OSU), Martha Smith (UTSA), Rebecca Babcock (UTPB), Robert McCarville (UALR), Ryan Sheets (UARK), Steve Sherwood (TCU), Wes Wellborn (TCC)

Treasurer’s report (presented by Alice Batt):

The approximate cost of the 2019 SCWCA conference was $8,746.52 with an income of $6,500, leaving the conference at a deficit of $2,246.52. It is important to note that the conferences cost money so we may need to raise registration or charge membership fees to make the conference self-sustaining. The SCWCA February balance is $35,621.78. All of this is subject to change as additional payments come through and/or expenses are paid.

Vote to change by-laws:

The president read the description of the assistant treasurer position and highlighted the opportunity for training on academic budgets. Alice also noted that it is a good idea to have more than one person involved with book-keeping to maintain transparency. Frances added that there is not a lot of activity during non-conference periods.

The change in the by-laws to add an assistant treasurer position was proposed and passed unanimously.

Nominations and self-nominations:

Ryan Sheets, from the University of Arkansas, self-nominated. There were no other nominations. Rebecca Babcock moved to vote by acclimation, and it passed.

SCWCA 2020 conference:

Anna shared potential ideas for the 2020 conference in Oklahoma. The next conference will focus on social justice in the writing center. OSU will be hosting a micro-regional conference on May 17th from 9am-4pm and will invite other institutions to contribute ideas for the 2020 conference at that time. Members can expect a CFP in June 2020.

Alice shared the rotating schedule for SCWCA conferences –each state hosts rotating with Texas every other year. Future schedule: Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, etc.

Micro regionals:

Members are encouraged to host micro-regional conferences at their institutions. Carey will be uploading the description online and the deadline will be March 8th.

Research grant:

The SCWCA would like to make the research grant a recurring award. However, it will depend on resources. A research grant will be offered this year and criteria is being made available online.

Collaborative projects are encouraged, and everyone can apply –undergraduates, graduate students, tutor administration.

Other business:

The president thanked and recognized SCWCA board members.

Monty suggested looking into ways to send representatives to Louisiana. He asked if there were any upcoming conferences or events happening in LA and recommended strategizing ways to include and engage that part of the region. The 2019 CRLA conference is being hosted in NOLA in October. In addition, the College Academic Support Programs (CASP) conference is being held in Waco, TX in October and representatives could seek out LA partnerships.

Jake Gebhart, from Sam Houston, asked how to stay more connected to SCWCA –via website, Facebook page, or listserv? The website is being updated, however, the listserv is the best way to stay up-to-date on events related to SCWCA. Jessi will send an updated list to the listserv administrator to ensure present members are added.

Meeting minute notes can be found on the SCWCA website.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:42 AM.

Meeting minutes submitted by Jessi Schnebelen, Secretary.