SCWCA Research Grant*

The South Central Writing Center Association encourages tutors and writing center professionals to engage in and with research to improve their practices in the writing center and enter into scholarly conversations on literacy and writing instruction. To promote scholarly activity and inquiry, we encourage tutors and WC professionals to apply for a research grant to help assist in the process.

The Research Grant supports a broad range of research projects, such as quantitative, qualitative, theoretical, and applied projects associated with writing center research and writing in the one-to-one context. Funding from these grants can be used for items/activities such as equipment, transcription, travel to support archival research or place-based research, and/or reciprocity (such as participant stipends or gift certificates for research participants participating in surveys, etc.). This funding is not intended to support conference travel (we have scholarships that support travel to conferences that we encourage people to apply for) and/or indirect costs. The grant is meant to support and fund specific research activities.

Award Amount: $500

Application Requirements

  • A cover page that contains the title of the proposal, the names and contact information of the researchers (institution, address, phone, email) and, in the event of multiple researchers, the designation of a principal contact.
  • A concise research proposal that does not exceed six pages explaining the following: 1) the research problem and the goals/aims of the research project, 2) the research questions, 3) the significance of the question for writing center studies, 4) a brief literature review on the related research, 5) an outline of the methods and a rationale for the evidence to be collected, 6) the methodology or theoretical framework of the project, 7) plans for disseminating the findings
  • A timeline for the research project
  • A detailed budget with rationale for all expenses
  • If working with human participants, a statement indicating whether IRB approval has been obtained or when it will be sought
  • For writing center professionals/administrators/directors/graduate students, we ask that you provide a 2-page CV
  • For undergraduate researchers, we ask that you obtain a letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor

Evaluation Criteria

The application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Significance and timeliness of the research
  • Appropriateness of research methods
  • A thorough understanding of the conversations/scholarship surrounding the research question
  • The viability of the study and the proposed timeline
  • Justification of budget rationale
  • Preference given to collaborative work

Requirements Upon Receipt of Grant Monies

  • Acknowledge SCWCA support in any presentation or publication of the research findings
  • Send one-page progress reports to SCWCA Research Grants Committee quarterly (form will be provided. Memos from students should be signed by a writing center administrator who is familiar with their project). Upon completion of the project, submit a final report to SCWCA.
  • Present your work at the annual SCWCA conference
  • Submit your work to publications such as Praxis, The Writing Center Journal, The Writing Lab Newsletter, The Peer Review, and other journals in the field of writing studies

Deadline for Applications

Please email your applications to Alice Batt at by June 1. Make sure to write “SCWCA Research Grant Application” in the subject line.

*Language for this call adapted from IWCA Research Grant Committee and Midwest Writing Center Association Grant Committee.